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Motorized pergola awning types.
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About Lexsa Yapı

LEXSA YAPI A.Ş., which performs project, manufacturing and assembly services with modern technology.

It started its activities at the end of 2018, and before becoming a corporate company, it has gained a corporate structure with its nearly 27 years of experience and its ever-expanding vision and increasing positive workforce. Aluminum curtain wall systems are a special area that adds value to living spaces rather than a standard construction application and requires aesthetic, out-of-line architectural solutions, application techniques and precision.

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Exterior Dressing

Prefabricated and Steel Building

Motorized Systems

Glass Facades

Increasingly, companies are using facade glass in building construction. This is explained by the fact that the glass facade allows not only to realize the beautiful view of the building, but also practical from the inside.

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Panoramic Glass

It is the best facade design that allows you to create an almost completely transparent wall and highlight the building's exclusivity.

Modular Glass

Factory produced and opening doors, window sills, air conditioning systems and so on. It is a facade glass system consisting of prefabricated blocks.

Fire Glass

One of the main tasks of Fire Protection Glass is to isolate fire and smoke from the protection of people outdoors.

Roof Glass

It is an engineering structure consisting of a rigid frame and translucent filling used for natural lighting and ventilation of interior rooms.


Projects we have implemented as Lexsa Yapı.

Iraq / Baghdad

Our Project in Iraq / Baghdad.

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Turkey / Iskenderun

Our Project in Turkey / Iskenderun

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Istanbul / Turkey

Our project in Istanbul / Turkey.

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Customer Comments



We would like to thank Lexsa Building's exterior façade solutions.


Swot Medya

We thank the solution-oriented Lexsa structure for their hard work.

Our Features



With nearly 27 years of experience, its ever-expanding vision, and its increasing positive workforce, it has attained a corporate structure.



The reliability, functionality of the main and intermediate elements used in this field and business understanding based on advanced quality principles are the number one preference reasons.



We realize project, manufacturing and assembly services with modern technology.



With our perfect structure and materials, your building will have a special appearance.